Q: I was deeply moved by your music; “Magnificent Hawaii “. I felt nostalgic; I felt like I heard it somewhere before. And the lyric, “to love even hurt” was so impressive. Would you please talk about a theme of this song, MARTH?

Hawaii is an island of the happy and beautiful heart for everyone…
The biggest reason for it must be that it welcomes the people from all over the world…
Nobody wants to visit a place where he is rejected and feels isolated.
I feel the greatness of Hawaii lies in the heart which Hawaiian people cherish deep inside for the love of all the people in the world.
I cannot but feel that they wish everybody will be happy, that they will create a peaceful world without any war and many people will come and be happy in Hawaii…
And such wishes must come from awareness to overcome one’s sense of separation, to love even one’s enemies deeply inside and to love even hurt by them.
The separation between the self and the other is based on a belief that there is “I” and “the other”. Humanity hasn’t unraveled whether it is a scientific truth or not at the moment.
Since ancient times, however, that this whole world is ourselves, it is one source, one being and oneness has been conveyed to us. From this point of view, such separation as the self and the other may be nothing but an illusion…
I assume that this may be the wishes passed along to Hawaii since ancient time and that they are remains of the ancient civilizations which expanded widely in the Pacific Ocean. With that in mind, I created this song…

What do you mean by “Hawaiian spirit”?

I feel that Hawaiian spirit is the remains of a civilization which prevailed in the Pacific Ocean in the ancient times. It may be the spirit transcended from the civilization…
It is not relevant only to Hawaii but may be widespread in the whole Pacific Coast. And it is a spirit such that all is one, one being, connected, everybody is one. This spirit or soul knows that the whole universe is one and connected…
Because of this quality, the spirit is not a single entity, but it is called Atman, the true self or the higher self…
Hawaii is the beautiful islands where such a heart strongly remains, just as a representative… I feel Hawaiian people are the ones who have a mission or a role to transmit the message to the world, and Hawaii is such a place…
With this thought in mind, I created this song.


Lyrics & Music by MARTH

In our bosom,
buried deep inside of each and everyone
a tenderness, a feeling you will find
when you journey to this place
Our gift to you
A treasure of these islands since long ago
This precious place welcomes one and all.
We will love everyone,
Our magnificent Hawaii

Always in our bosom,
we have a heart that’s made of gold.
We’re grateful for the chance to be alive
with a generous heart is our one and only pride.
A treasure of these islands since long ago,
our folklore tells though we may be hurt
we will love everyone,
Our magnificent Hawaii

Forgiving all is our beautiful Hawaii


Lyrics & Music by MARTH

Traversing open skies soon abiding near you
Traversing oceans, so I can be with you.
The stars so bright above,
moonlight shining bright around me
now enfolded in my hidden wings
are my dreams and feelings.
Beautiful is lands where a paradise awaits me,
we all know of the God’s Home,
Home of our God of solace

However distant you are from me,
I know my wings will extend to you!
However distant you are from me,
My wings reach so I am near you!

Traversing ages and into the present,
there are such places who ever looks can find.
A dry, soft wind, it blows my cheeks gently
it caresses and that day you find your true self
you know this is your home!

However distant you are from me,
I know my wings will extend to you!
However distant you are from me,
My wings reach so I am near you!

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