4.Everything is one and connected at an unknowable level…

4.Everything is one and connected at an unknowable level…

by marth_healing, November 19, 2016
He always tells us through his songs and poetry; “This is a magnificent world…It’s mystical, eternal, continuing to the end of the universe, just like in a dream it is an eternally extending world. We give everything names there, and by providing a name such as a reality or each different name, and also through our five senses, we recognize each thing as such. However, this world is still mystical, unknown, nor do we even know it is this world…” “We are, in reality, existing in such a space… No, never do we even know whether we live or not… When we suppose that we exist, we need to tell when, where and who we are. We have no idea when, where and who we are… Even if we name a place like New York or Paris, we will never know where we are forever… We may give a name to each place, but we never know where we are. It is beyond our mind. We can give a name to each person, but we never know who he is… Therefore, we never know whether we are alive or not. Science-wise, at a level of fundamental particles, that of electrons, or we may not give such names, but of the unknowable and immeasurable level, everything is one and connected…”
He entrusts his thoughts to the poetry… And he says he always tries to be aware of a true reality saying “I am not… Here is not… only an unknown and mystical place…” even while he is doing his daily swimming. He also says he creates music from there…

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