5.Born into Unknown…

5.Born into Unknown…

by marth_healing, November 18, 2016
“In the ancient times, in a sense that humanity had such kind of perception as where we live now is the other world nor this world, substances shall transform itself. At a level of fundamental particles, they are transforming themselves right now. Something to be seen strengthens and something to have forgotten shall weaken…
It shall be a matter of course soon that it can happen at a level of atoms, of fundamental particles, or the levels which we humankind currently name so. In such a world there shall be no sense of “this world”. If it is so, “to be born” is fairly uncertain. And so is “dying”. When we die in that world, what does it mean? Do we die in the unknown, mystical and immeasurable place? What does it mean that substances shall be divided into fundamental particles, but remain as fundamental particles and electrons which I say in my poetry? The future science and humanity shall step into such a realm. I think we shall go forward such a direction within these ten years. And at that time, we shall know more clearly that the world is like a real movie. We shall come to discuss what dying in such a world and losing one’s body there mean.”

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