7.Everthing in the universe is vibrating…

7.Everthing in the universe is vibrating…

by marth_healing, November 16, 2016
“Everything in the universe is vibrating. Each one is vibrating with its own frequency. Certainly, plants, men, dogs, cats and other animals are all vibrating. However, vibrations of such organic beings are unstable. On the other hand, nonorganic, such as stones have very stable and high frequencies. It may prove that the reason why the ancient civilizations treasured stones (rocks) very much and even revered them as the supernatural and the God was that the people knew quite well that their unstable bodies and minds could be stabilized through resonance with stones’ high frequencies.”
Being a leading figure in the new age world, especially for music, it may have been natural that the artist had an eye to such findings of modern physics ad developed heated stone furniture. It is quite understandable that he continues to express himself through music when we find the music created with 528 kHz Solfeggio Frequencies, which has become popular nowadays, can restore broken DNAs… the artist says he always tries to create music with a generous and loving heart, and it is the reason why that his numerous musical works are said to be fluctuating with the same frequency as that of Solfeggio.

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