8.Everything depends on a receiver…

8.Everything depends on a receiver…

by marth_healing, November 15, 2016
And furthermore, he who used to be a trainer of an original self-help seminar told us interesting stories about our perception (brain). “It is true that the sky, the mountains, trees, flowers, animals… all things are vibrating with their own frequencies. However, it isn’t that the trees, flowers have their colors on them. The truth is that our brain perceives green as green, or red as red. It is a matter of how they look to us. On the other hand, animals see the world as black and white. Their brains cannot perceive other colors. Everything depends on a receiver… Within a relationship between the self and the object, even if something has a certain look, it may not always show its reality… And it seems our brain senses the soul within our body, in fact, it is outside us… That may be why something like Akashic Records exists and some people say their consciousness expanded into the whole universe as a near-death experience…”
Having known it, it seems the artist’s common words such as  “I don’t exist, neither do others, everything is one and connected and unknown and mystical…”
sound more real to us. Even while on Shinkansen bullet train, looking at the mountains and trees, he says that he murmurs, “They are neither mountains nor trees… they are not their names… They are unknowable, mystical ones…” Feeling puzzled at the artist’s usual absurd and seemingly silly talks, we shall be charmed by them. Is it because everybody knows truths of the universe deep down inside as a part of the whole universe…? Is it the reason why we are deeply soothed by his music…?

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